About Me

Andrea Kruszka behind the camera

I'm Andrea Kruszka, and I'm the face behind the camera! I love hiking and being outdoors - it's very centering to me. Nature photography is a way to try to share that peace with others. The Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee is beautiful and I hope I can capture a little bit of it!

I've loved photography for years. I learned on an old manual Minolta SLR that used film (I know some of you remember that!) and loved my time spent in the darkroom. It was peaceful and quiet and a refuge from a busy life in metro Detroit (I'm a Michigan native). I did some nature photography back then, but I also loved going into downtown Detroit and capturing the cityscapes and amazing architecture.

For a while I fell out of the habit of carrying a camera everywhere I went, but after a rough breakup, losing my job, and feeling like my world was crashing down around me, one thing that helped me heal was completing the 52 Hike Challenge - at least a hike a week over the course of a year. Spending hours alone on the trail brought me back to myself and gave me an amazing sense of peace. 

Being able to share pieces of these trips with others has been a privilege. My goal as an artist is to provide the same sanctuary I find in wild spaces to others through the light and color of the natural world.

Andrea Kruszka sitting on the edge of the cliff at Welch Point in Sparta, Tennessee