Spring Equinox Sunrise at Bee Rock

Most people love sunsets but I prefer sunrise, especially this time of year. The air is still cold, and you have to stumble through the dark to get to where you're going only to try to keep yourself warm while you wait for the sun to start peaking through. It feels raw and wild and so very alive.
Bee Rock in Monterey Tennessee just before sunrise
On this trip, I grabbed my favorite adventure friend, Tiffany, and we headed to Bee Rock in Monterey, Tennessee about an hour before sunrise. We had plenty of time to kill so we talked and froze and talked more while we waited for the sun to make its appearance. It was absolutely worth it. (Can you tell I love that tree growing out of the cliff? I have so many pictures of it.)
Bee Rock in Monterey Tennessee at sunrise
While we were waiting, another photographer showed up with a couple for a photoshoot. Their images were gorgeous and it was fun to see in action. I'm not personally a fan of photographing people but I appreciate those who excel at it, and this woman absolutely did.
Tiffany Anton watching the sunrise at Bee Rock in Monterey Tennessee
Golden hour treats Bee Rock right. We watched the world wake up, and then headed home. It was a lovely morning!
Trees at Bee Rock in Monterey Tennessee during sunrise golden hour

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